Publication: Shaping Sustainable Change

Portada de la publicaciónMulti-actor partnerships are promoted as central to the achievement of sustainable development. Shaping Sustainable Change, edited by Leda Stott, specialist in multi-stakeholder collaboration and Associate of the Partnership Brokers Association and itdUPM, explains the growing and significant role of partnership brokering in shaping these relationships.

Drawing upon the work of the Partnership Brokers Association, it uses evidenced-based materials to show how the work of partnership brokering contributes to the management of collaborative relationships so that they are better positioned to have a positive and sustainable impact.

This book will appeal not only to partnership brokers but also to professional and academic readers interested in achieving sustainable development.

Chapter 12, written by several members of itdUPM, describes a partnership in a University Environment, taking itdUPM as an example.

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