itdData promotes, supports and designs projects of Big Data for social innovation and development, helping to improve current systems but also helping to image new systems and interactions between actors in the society. This initiative is motivated by the Data Revolution and pretends to work with the society for exploiting data towards the SDGs.

Currently, the scope of projects of @itdDATA comprises:

  • Big Data for development and humanitarian action
  • Human mobility
  • Big Data and agriculture
  • Crowdsourcing for diagnosis in developing countries
  • Data for social nowcasting and measuring innovation impact


The Data Revolution:

The increasing usage of ITs in the daily life of people, companies and institutions is giving rise to an emergent paradigm called the Data Revolution. The amount of data produced and stored grows with unprecedented expansion. The value hidden in this data is getting the attention of business, policy makers or enterpreneurs.

From the perspective of the Agenda Post-2015 the Data Revolution is an uncomparable opportunity of transformation for a more sustainable society. Data can be used not only for optimization and business planification, but to sense the needs of the people more accurately and more real time. Not only that, data can be used to improve the representativeness and transparency in policy making, in favor of fairness, the dignity of people and their well being.