itdUPM, develops technological and organizational innovations in order to satisfy the basic needs of some of the most vulnerable communities in Africa and South America, such as access to water and energy, sustainable management of natural resources, basic habitability, new ICT uses and mobile applications applied to health and education.

In order to ingrain these innovations and to have long-term effects, itdUPM designs and develops jointly actions in which public administrations, NGO’s, business industries and international organizations collaborate side by side.
Researchers working in itdGREEN are focused in activities such as:

  • Resilience to climatic change in vulnerable populations
  • Research in crops, agricultural techniques and forest resources. Land planning
  • Sustainable habitat
  • Strategic market orientation for agricultural producers. Value chain analysis
  • Urban and family agriculture
  • Sustainable uses of natural resources through climatic organizations (CDM, REDD+)
  • Improved kitchens

FAO’s Agreement

This agreement implies a farther step in the research developed by professors and researchers at UPM, related to agriculture, food security and global equity, and a collaborative step towards the post 2015 agenda.

Green cities in the world

A publication edited by Julian Briz and Isabel de Felipe, members of itdUPM, about iniciatives in urban agriculture around the world.