itdUPM, develops technological and organizational innovations in order to satisfy the basic needs of some of the most vulnerable communities in Africa and South America, such as access to water and energy, by means of breakthrough models of services provision, sustainable management of natural resources, basic habitability, new ICT uses and mobile applications applied to health and education.

 In order to ingrain these innovations and to have long-term effects, itdUPM designs and develops jointly actions in which public administrations, NGO’s, business industries and international organizations collaborate side by side.

Researchers working in itdGREEN are focused in activities such as:

  • Breakthrough models of basic services provision (water, sanitation, energy, health, waste management)
  • Measurement of the social footprint of organizations
  • Impact and process assessments in programs of basic services’ spreading
  • Promote social entrepreneurship
  • Grass root innovations

Iberdrola Chair

For the Globalization of Basic Energetic Services

This Chair is an answer to the challenge of more than 1.000 million people who cannot access energetic services.

We develop training activities, as well as we promote and identify possible R+D actions.