About us

itdUPM is an interdisciplinary centre of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, bringing together researchers, professors and students to address the Sustainable Development Goals.

We work in collaboration with specialists from various areas of expertise, the public and private sectors, civil society organisations and governments in order to address complex problems related to sustainability and to co-create practical solutions.

The itdUPM community has more than 200 members, including professors, researchers, students, external consultants, etc. In addition, there are several affiliated UPM research and cooperation groups.

Promoting sustainable transformations from the University

itdUPM Steering Committee

Carlos Mataix

Carlos Gregorio Hernández Díaz-Ambrona

Teresa Sánchez

Teresa Sánchez

Jaime Moreno

José Antonio Mancebo

Miguel Ángel Egido

Miguel Ángel Luengo

Jaime Cervera

Manuel Sierra